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UNC School of Medicine Boost Awards

February 5, 2018

UNC School of Medicine (SOM) faculty are extremely successful in their efforts to obtain funding for their research, even though the funding climate has become increasingly competitive. The SOM recognizes that it often takes multiple submissions and additional experimental data to get a new project funded, particularly as a new investigator, or with a more complex, multi-PI project.
In support of these efforts, the SOM Office of Research is inviting applications from faculty for Boost awards, which are designed to boost the chances of funding for an NIH grant (or similar) that has been reviewed favorably but needs additional revisions and preliminary data in order to be funded on resubmission. Please note that Boost awards are distinct from the OoR bridge funding program, which provides funds for bridging A1 renewal applications for ongoing, not new, projects.

Award Information:
Up to $25,000 will be provided to successful applicants for lab supplies, animal expenses, core services, and salary for research support personnel for up to a 12-month period during the preparation of a revised proposal. Boost funds cannot be used for faculty salary, equipment, travel, or administrative costs.

• Funding must be requested for a new NIH R01 or equivalent that has been reviewed previously within the last 12 months.
• The proposal must have been administratively routed through the SOM.
• Applicant/PI must have no more than 2 R01s (or equivalent) of funding.
• Although all eligible applicants are welcome, priority will be given to K to R01 transitions, early stage investigators, and multi-PI team projects.

Application Materials:
1. Cover letter from applicant. Please note how Boost funds will support the success of the resubmission.
2. Support letter from Department Chair (no matching funds are required).
3. Specific Aims page and Research Plan from previously submitted grant.
4. Reviews of the previously submitted grant.
5. 1-page summary addressing the deficiencies noted in review and how they will be addressed in the revised application.

6. Budget and Justification. Maximum request is $25,000
7. NIH biosketch. Please include all current and pending support (internal and external).

The deadline for applications is Thursday, March 1. Please email application materials (as separate, numbered, pdf attachments) to Jennifer Brennan in the Office of Research ( Contact Jennifer with any questions: 919-966-8089.
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