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Self-made appointments on analytical cytometers

  • The scheduling software locks you out from deleting/reducing your scheduled time 36 hours before your appointment.

  • You may add or extend (within the same 36 hours)

  • If you find you cannot make a scheduled appointment (after the lockout) you will be charged for all of your scheduled time.

  • In all cases, you may cancel your appointment within the 36 hours which makes the time available to others. If no one takes that time, you will be be charged for the unused time.

  • If you have an allowed excuse (you are sick, kid is sick, etc.) we will waive your charges. Please notify us in advance if at all possible.

  • If you do not call before your scheduled time we will charge you unless you have an excuse that prevented you from calling. Reasons which will not excuse your time are – cells died, Ab/reagent did not arrive in time, my alarm clock did not go off, I forgot, etc. If you repeatedly make appointments and do not use the time, we will have a conversation with your billing PI.


  • Sorter appointments need to be cancelled 72 hours prior to the appointment to avoid a charge.

  • For missed appointments, we will only charge you for the time scheduled – not setup fees – if we know about the cancellation before we have the machine setup.

  • Allowed and disallowed excuses are the same as above for the analytical instruments.

  • If we can use some or all your time for another investigator you will not be charged for the portion of your scheduled time that they use. If you schedule several sorts on consecutive days you will need to cancel two weeks prior to the scheduled time/s.