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Administrative Core

The Administrative Core (AC) provides overall guidance, support, and management for the Center and fosters integration across research projects and cores. AC activities also include overseeing the Center’s External Advisory Board, Rapid Response pilot Grant Program, Annual Scientific Retreat, and DEI working group. [link to DEI page]

Specific Aims

  • Aim 1. Foster effective collaboration across IMPACT’s research projects and cores to achieve integration of their research activities and products.
  • Aim 2. Manage IMPACT’s operations and progress toward milestones.
  • Aim 3. Administer the Rapid Response Pilot Grant Program.


Noel Brewer

Intervention Core

The Intervention Core (IC) supports research projects by bringing project-specific findings and materials together into a comprehensive intervention package. IC prepares AAT facilitators and training materials national dissemination of intervention delivery by assessing key implementation and cost measures.

Specific Aims

  • Aim 1. Convene a Clinical Advisory Board for multi-disciplinary implementation support.
  • Aim 2. Prepare AAT facilitators and training materials for intervention delivery.
  • Aim 3. Harmonize assessment of key implementation measures, including cost.
  • Aim 4. Facilitate national dissemination of study findings and intervention materials.


William Calo and Melissa Gilkey

Data Core

The Data Core (DC) supports research projects in capturing high-quality data on HPV vaccination outcomes and appropriate use of statistical analysis. DC manages the national primary care team survey and large vaccination datasets generated by the RCTs.

Specific Aims

  • Aim 1. Manage the national primary care team survey.
  • Aim 2. Facilitate access to, and standardize structure of, large vaccination datasets generated by research project randomized clinical trials.
  • Aim 3. Provide statistical and methodological support to research projects.


Justin Trogdon and Tara Queen

External Advisory Board

The AC established the External Advisory Board to provide strategic input on the Center’s activities and accomplishments. They also help build support for our dissemination.

EAB members

  • Lynne Fiscus, MD
  • Kristin Oliver, MD
  • Margot Savory, MD
  • Shannon Stokley, DrPH
  • Peter Szilagyi, MD
  • Tami Thomas, PhD
  • Wendell Yarbrough, MD

Clinical Advisory Board

The IC established the Clinical Advisory Board to provide diverse clinical expertise to research projects to aid the study team in successfully engaging primary care teams to improve HPV vaccine communication and uptake. They provide input to ensure that surveys, recruitment methods and intervention materials have clinical relevance.

CAB members

  • Chris Barry, PA-C
  • Karen Ernst, MA
  • Benjamin Fogel, MD
  • Lisa Mansfield, PhD
  • Tim McCoy, DO
  • Tami Thomas, PhD
  • Sandra Weaver, CMAIII