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To ensure project success and sustainability, NC MOC proposed projects undergo an approval process with the NC MOC Advisory Board. This process is designed to confirm that the proposed projects have the necessary support and infrastructure to meet the ABMS approved project requirements.


  1. The Physician Lead, the Quality Improvement Initiative Project Manager and the NC MOC Project Manager work together to ensure that the proposed project meets the ABMS Standards and Guidelines for MOC Qualifying QI Initiatives and the Standards and Guidelines for Meaningful Participation in Qualifying QI/PI Initiatives.
  2. The NC MOC Project Application is completed. (Physicians or QI professionals: Click here for the application to submit a project for approval. All applications should be sent to Monecia Thomas.)
  3. The NC MOC Advisory Board evaluates the project application and determines if it is appropriate and ready to be submitted to the American Board of Medical Specialties.
  4. The NC MOC Project Manager consults with the Physician Lead based on the Advisory Board’s review and submits the application to the American Board of Medical Specialties. Once approved, participating physicians can attest to their participation and receive Part IV MOC credit.