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There is a growing need for healthcare provider leadership in quality improvement. The skills required for clinicians to lead quality improvement are not typically acquired in clinical training. The IHQI Fellowship provides an opportunity for the quality improvement novice or advanced beginner to develop their QI project management skills, while also focusing on their leadership/career pathway.

The Fellowship program is well-suited for clinicians who:

  • Are interested in planning, organizing, and directing a QI project.
  • Could benefit from self-directed learning supported by a tailored advisory committee.
  • Have dedicated resources, including protected time and departmental support, to direct towards professional development and experiential learning. Many successful Fellows have been early career professionals completing a research year or other Fellowship, although the program could benefit clinicians at any career stage.

The Fellowship Objectives are to:

  • Foster mentoring and coaching relationships.
  • Provide a highly flexible experience tailored to each Fellow’s assessed learning needs, professional goals, and practice/resource landscape.
  • Support experiential learning.
  • Facilitate training and professional development opportunities via seminars, small groups,
  • and structured learning options.

The objectives will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:

IHQI will assist in establishing a Fellowship committee and arrange for recurring committee meetings.  Fellowship committee members (excluding IHQI core team members) will meet for one hour every 4-6 weeks for the duration of the Fellowship.

The Fellow is expected to complete recommended experiential training through leading a clinical quality improvement project aligned with his or her areas of clinical responsibility and aligned with quality improvement resources and priorities of the health care system.

IHQI will assist the Fellow in creating a tailored Fellowship Plan in the Fellow’s areas of need determined through the mentoring committee’s assessment. The Fellowship Plan will consider the Fellow’s short and long-term goals, quality improvement experience, and career plans.

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