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To ensure events held outside of our business hours take place with little or no disruptions, please follow the instructions provided below:

Use of Facilities

  1. After-Hours and Weekend Building Access: Complete a Planning Office form to request after-hours or weekend access to a building. Planning office forms for each building may be found here. These forms also list the normal access hours for the building. The form should be completed and faxed to the School of Medicine Planning Office at least one week, but no later than 48 hours before the event. You should receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, you must contact the planning office to confirm.

    Important Links
    SOM Planning – ID/Badges and Building Access

    Contact Information:

    School of Medicine Planning Office
    (919) 966-2441

  2. Room Access After-Hours: If your event takes place after-hours, you must borrow a room key from the School of Medicine IT Scheduling Coordinators in MacNider 435 during the business hours of 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

    Contact Information:
    School of Medicine IT Scheduling Office
    919-843-8884 or 919-843-4909

  3. Schedule a “Temperature Schedule Override” for Special Events: HVAC systems are programmed for energy saving mode during evening and weekend hours. The Energy Management Control Systems office requests all clients create a work ticket for a temperature schedule override for special events. For tracking purposes, please call Work Management at 919-962-3456 to request temperature override and provide the following information at least 4-5 business days prior to the event: Event Title, Date, Time, Building, and Room Number.
  4. To Request Additional Tables and Chairs: When tables and chairs are needed for an event, contact Facilities Services at 919-962-6586 to check availability, coordinate delivery and pick up of items. An online request form must also be completed.
    Important Links
    Online Request Form
  5. Handicap Access: If you have a speaker requiring handicap access in the classroom, please contact Classroom Support at 919-843-9086.

Use of Computer and AV Equipment

  1. Room Orientation: If you or the presenter for the event is unfamiliar with the audiovisual equipment in the classroom reserved, please contact School of Medicine IT scheduling office (919-843-8884 or 919-843-4909) to schedule a room orientation. School of Medicine IT staff will be assigned to meet you and review the use of the equipment, preload presentations or test your laptop to ensure you are comfortable using the equipment before the event.
  2. Apple and Other Non-Windows Computers: Presenters that are using a Mac or other non-Windows laptops need to bring their power cords and VGA adapters to connect to our system in order to display their presentation. It is best to prepare presentations that are compatible with Windows so that our built in PC can be used in case your laptop is not compatible for some reason. We recommend presentations be loaded on flash drives as a backup for this reason as well
  3. Laptops and Internet Access: The UNC-Guest-PSK network is also available for internet access. Coordinators for events can find the password to this network by using their Onyen here.
  4. Special Equipment Needs: Contact Classroom support service 843-9086 if you have questions about the availability of non-standard classroom equipment.