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Honorary Kreda Laboratory Member

Whiskey Parker! (2004-2019) Silvia Kreda volunteered with Whiskey, her certified therapy dog, for more than nine years at the UNC Children’s Hospital and other medical centers in the Chapel Hill area. Starting in December 2011, Whiskey began visiting the UNC School of Journalism and Media’s Park Library and later SOM’s Health Science Library and the SILS Library every semester to help students, staff, and faculty ease their stress during final exams until 2018. Whiskey’s fame grew steadily with a feature in The Herald Sun, Facebook pages with pictures from campus visits, a Carolina Undergraduate Admissions blog post, an article in the School of Medicine News, and an article in the UNC’s Spotlight section, all of which detailed the wonderment that Whiskey brought to the Carolina community during her ten years of service. Whiskey, we thank you for your unconditional love and miss you!

Whiskey Parker's Last Visit


Silvia & Whiskey
Silvia and Whiskey at an end of semester stress relief event at the UNC Park Library.
Whiskey & Group
Whiskey loves to be the center of everyone’s attention!
Whiskey Hits the Books
Whiskey makes sure that everyone stays on task by hitting the books.
Whiskey as Santa
During the holidays, Whiskey dresses as Santa to bring Yuletide greetings to individuals in the hospital.
Christmas Whiskey & Silvia
Whiskey and Silvia getting ready to sing Christmas carols at a visit to UNC Hospitals.