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This section includes information about all aspects of hypertension, and helps you understand how to assist your physicians and other healthcare providers in lowering your blood pressure. Just click on the chapter that you would like to review!

  1. Understanding hypertension: This beginner’s guide helps you understand the basics of high blood pressure.
  2. Know your medications: Confused by all of these medications with long names? Learn what they do in this chapter.
  3. Diet, weight loss, and physical activity: This guide to lifestyle modification describes important health habits that can lower your blood pressure.
  4. Lowering the sodium in your diet: This chapter offers some additional tips on lowering salt in your diet.
  5. Measuring blood pressure: Measuring you blood pressure at home helps your providers prescribe the right treatments – here’s how it should be done.
  6. Medication list: This is a form on which to keep a list of your medications.
  7. Blood pressure log: This form is for recording your home blood pressures so that you can review them with your provider at your next clinic visit.
  8. Additional resources: Want to learn more about hypertension? Additional resources can be found here.