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Patient Care Overview

Our world-class team of nephrologists treats patients with rare kidney disorders, all types of glomerular diseases, and common diseases, including chronic and end-stage kidney disease. We offer care for pediatric patients, patients in need of a kidney transplant, and patients with specific conditions like anemia, chronic kidney disease, and hypertension. We provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques from a variety of doctors who work together to address all patient needs in a coordinated manner.

The UNC Kidney Center is a Center for Excellence for Glomerular Disease and Vasculitis, providing clinical care for patients and leading research studies in this field. The UNC Kidney Center website includes a Kidney Health Library that contains helpful information for patients wanting to learn more about their kidney disease, including educational audio podcasts that cover a wide range of topics like kidney disease, kidney transplant, and patient support. There are numerous disease-specific educational podcasts episodes available, which answer frequently asked questions by our patients.


Clinical Services

Our mission is to improve the health and life of patients with kidney disease and find a cure. Our integrated team of nephrologists, together with nurse practitioners, nurse coordinators, dialysis nurses, patient care and dialysis technicians, and renal dietitians provide care for patients with a variety of kidney diseases. We offer comprehensive clinical services, cutting-edge research, and innovative training programs. We also offer a nephrology/maternal-fetal medicine clinic, a palliative care clinic, and combined clinics with other specialties to manage chronic and complex conditions like glomerular disease and kidney stones.

Prepare for Appointments

Our clinical services include clinic-based consultations and ongoing care. Click below to learn more about particular focus areas.

Clinical Trials

Investigators are also leading the charge to study the effect of interventions on patients with kidney disease through the development and participation in a variety of clinical trials. In a clinical trial, participants receive specific interventions according to the research plan or protocol created by the investigators. These interventions may be medical products, such as drugs or devices; procedures; or changes to participants’ behavior, such as diet. Explore our searchable database to find clinical trials in the Department of Medicine.

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Our Clinics

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Dialysis Centers

We offer a number of dialysis centers as well.View Our Dialysis Centers