Kenneth Cohen, MD - 2015 final
Kenneth Cohen, MD

Kenneth L. Cohen, M.D. is a fellowship-trained ophthalmic surgeon with specialties in cataract and intraocular lens-implant surgery and corneal-transplant surgery. Dr. Cohen provides the latest surgical techniques for outpatient cataract surgery such as topical anesthesia and small-incision surgery, as well as using the latest in intraocular lens technology to provide for rapid visual rehabilitation.

Dr. Cohen has organized the ophthalmology operating room at the Kittner Eye Center to deliver this service to his patients. He also uses the latest surgical techniques, including the CATALYS® Precision Laser System, to provide cataract and intraocular lens-implant surgery and treat any complications.

He also has expertise in corneal-transplant surgery. The latest techniques for this type of surgery are utilized by the ophthalmology operating room at the Kittner Eye Center. This is important because patients with complications from cataract surgery often require corneal transplantation for visual rehabilitation.

Dr. Cohen also provides comprehensive eye care to adults, especially for the Medicare age population. Cataracts, corneal diseases, and glaucoma become more common as we grow older.

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Rich Davis 2015

Richard Davis, M.D.Richard M. Davis, M.D. joined UNC Eye in 2009 following 10 years at the University of South Carolina as Chair of Ophthalmology. Dr. Davis has expertise in the areas of dry eye management and other surface eye diseases, such as allergies and pterygium.

He currently is conducting a clinical trial on patients with dry eye disease. His surgical expertise includes pterygium, cataract, and corneal transplant surgery, which includes full thickness or partial thickness (DSEK, lamellar) corneal transplants.

Dr. Davis has served as a Board Member of the Eye Bank Association of America and was Medical Director of the South Carolina Lions Eye Bank.

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