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Congratulations to Blossom Damania, PhD, Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Microbiology & Immunology and joint Professor of Pharmacology, for being named one of six recipients of the Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring Award!

Dr. Blossom Damania
Dr. Blossom Damania

“Each year the Office of Graduate Education recognizes faculty mentors affiliated with the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) who embody innovative and student-centered training, and an excellence in mentoring graduate students. These faculty members are honored for their work through the Awards for Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring.

“These six awardees were nominated by graduate students, postdocs, or alumni who felt their mentorship creates a supportive environment for trainee growth, clearly articulates expectations, values diversity and belonging, and facilitates trainee career development. Faculty colleagues of the nominees also submit letters of support.”

“The Awards for Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring exemplify faculty members who demonstrate high integrity and professionalism, show respect for trainees, provide opportunities to network both within the university and within the scientific field of interest to enable trainees to meet their goals, and demonstrate long-term commitment to supporting trainees beyond their training period in the lab.”

~The above quotes are excerpts from the original article published in UNC Healthcare & SOM News, Dec. 9, 2020, which contains the full list of award recipients.

Publicity for the award, showing all the awardees is below.

UNC Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring Awards 2020-2021. Pictures of 6 award winners: Blossom Damania, Amy Gladfelter, Brian Kuhlman, Karen Mohlke, Natasha Snider, and Mark Zylka.
UNC Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring Awards 2020-2021.