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(Front row L to R) Tim Qi, Maria Miggs, Christina Kresser, Wendy Klein, and Ami Shiddapur. (Back row L to R) Dr. Channing Der, Dr. Lee Graves, Brandon Koo, Daniel Zeitouni, Dr. Rob Nicholas and Dr. Mauro Calabrese.

The Department of Pharmacology would like to congratulate the 2016 Carolina Summer Fellows on successfully wrapping up their summer research projects with their research presentation talks. We are proud of their hard work this summer and wish them all much success in their future endeavors.

CSF presenters were (in order of presentation):

  • Brandon Koo: Dr. Lee Graves (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, BS/Biology, May 2018) “Identifying Binding Partners of Oncogenic Kinase MELK”
  • Christina Kresser: Dr. Channing Der (UNC Chapel Hill, BS/Biology and Chemistry, May 2018) Probing KRAS mutant-specific vulnerabilities at Gly12 for novel pancreatic therapies”
  • Wendy Klein: Dr. Rob Nicholas (George Mason University, BS/Chemistry with Biochemistry concentration, December 2017) “Cross-Complementation of Bifunctional Penicillin-Binding Proteins in Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Escherichia coli”
  • Ami Shiddapur: Dr. Tom Kash (UNC Chapel Hill, BS/Biology, May 2018) “Behavioral effects of activation of nociceptin modulated circuits in the CeA to NTS pathway”
  • Daniel Zeitouni: Dr. Channing Der (UNC-Chapel hill, BSPH in Nutritional biochemistry, May 2017) “Determining the mechanistic basis underlying the effect of chloroquine in combination with an ERK inhibitor”
  • Maria Miggs: Dr. Mauro Calabrese (UNC- Chapel Hill, BS/Biology, May 2017) “Identifying Xist cofactors required in the initiation of X-Chromosome Inactivation”
  • Tim Qi: Dr. Klaus Hahn (UNC CH, BS/Biology BA/Chemistry, May 2018) “Creation of non-perturbing biosensors to report Rac1 activity”

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The application process for the 2017 Carolina Summer Fellowship Program will open January 1, 2017. To learn more about the Carolina Summer Fellowship Program click here.