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Carolina Summer Fellowship Program ends 35th year with impressive final talks on July 28!

Carolina Summer Fellows group photo after completion of the program
Front row: Nicole Cornett, CSF program director, Amber Amparo, Kayla Snare and Autumn Tucker. Back row: Dr. Leon Coleman, Alexis Jean Morales, Jasmine Jahad, Megan Gains and Branna Campbell. Not pictured: Josh Wynn.

2021 Carolina Summer Fellows Give Final Presentations

Carolina Summer Fellowship students give their final presentation talks on July 28.

Jasmine Jahad, UNC Chapel Hill, 2022: “The Impact of Electronic Nicotine Vapor on Mouse Central Amygdala activity and Withdrawal Behavior” PI: Dr Melissa Herman, Lab Mentor: ManHua Zhu

Branna Campbell, UNC Greensboro, 2023: “Detecting Activity in the Yeast Mating Pathway Through GFP” PI: Dr Henrik Dohlman, Lab Mentor: Shu Zhang

Autumn Tucker, UNC Chapel Hill, 2022: “Persistent Effects of Alcohol on Alzheimer’s Disease Tau Pathology” PI: Dr Leon Coleman

Megan Gains, North Carolina Central University, 2022: “Comparisons of Resistances and Sensitivities to Chemotherapies in T-Cell Lymphomas” PI: Dr Adam Palmer, Lab Mentor Jacob Pantazis and Sarah Cooper

Josh Wynn, UNC Chapel Hill, 2021: “Activation of Mitochondrial Protease ClpP Inhibits mTOR Activity in Triple Negative Breast Cancer” PI: Dr Lee Graves, Lab Mentor: Emily Fennell

Alexis Jean Morales, UNC Chapel Hill, 2022: “YAP1-TAZ-TEAD Inhibition Sensitizes Cells to KRASG12C Inhibition” PI: Dr Channing Der, Lab Mentor Cole Edwards

Kayla Snare, UNC Chapel Hill, 2022: “Validating gene targets of MYC transcriptional activity in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma” PI: Dr Channing Der Lab Mentor: Priya Hibshman

Amber Amparo, UNC Chapel Hill, 2023: “Defining the Role of Mitochondrial Dynamics in Regulating PDAC Cell Sensitivity to ERK Inhibition” PI: Dr Channing Der Lab Mentor: Dr Kristina Drizyte-Miller

Congratulations to all our 2021 Carolina Summer Fellowship Program students for completing the program!

Carolina Summer Fellows 2021 Group photo after final presentations
After final presentations. Front row: Megan Gains, Autumn Tucker, Nicole Cornett, CSF program director, Jasmine Jahad and Kayla Snare. Back row: Dr. Leon Coleman, Josh Wynn, Branna Campbell, Dr. Lee Graves, and Alexis Jean Morales. Not pictured: Amber Amparo. (Note: Nicole dressed up at the request of the students.  Yay, Nicole!)