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 Congratulations to Dr. Eden Y. Zewdie for successfully defending her thesis title ‘MerTK Induces Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells by Metabolic Reprogramming’ under the guidance of Dr. Shelley Earp on April12, 2024.

Dr. Eden Zewdie, PhD in front of the Old Well on UNC campus
Eden Y. Zewdie, PhD


Morrow CS, Arndt ZP, Klosa PC, Peng B, Zewdie EY, Benayoun BA, Moore DL. Adult fibroblasts use aggresomes only in distinct cell-states. Sci Rep. 2022 Sep 2;12(1):15001. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-19055-1. PMID: 36056070; PMCID: PMC9440096.

Dr. Zewdie also has a first-author paper currently undergoing publication.

Awards, Honors, Highlights

How an Experiment Works: “Story of an Experiment – Cell Metabolic Analysis” – a video presentation with Eden Yitbarek Zewdie of the Earp Lab, filmed by Rika Khadria.

Pics from the defense (click for larger view)