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Congratulations to Dr. Liz Brunk on receiving the 2023 Junior Faculty Development Award! The award will fund her scholarly pursuits over one calendar year.

Elizabeth Brunk, PhD

Dr. Brunk’s research is focused on developing computational methods that accelerate the clarity and utility of omics data in biomedical science.

The Brunk lab “uses state-of-the-art computational techniques to analyze the fluorescent microscopy, single cell sequencing, long read sequencing and high-throughput drug screen data that we generate in house.”

“Our work links genetic and molecular variation to phenotype in both natural and engineered cellular systems and we approach these topics through the lens of computational biology, machine learning and advanced data integration.”  (the above excerpt are from the Brunk Lab website.)

This grant for $10,000 is funded by IBM and R.J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. and was highlighted in Vital Signs. Read more about the awards and the full list of recipients here.