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PHCO starts the new semester with PHCO Friday Ice Cream to show our appreciation for our PHCO community and all that we do!

PHCO spirit shelf by Cheri Hitt
A big thanks to Cheri Hitt, pharmacology accountant and local artist, for sharing her artful PHCO Spirit! display with us.  Go PHCO! Go Cheri! ~Photo by Cheri Hitt

Usually, this is the time of year when we are planning to create another great challenge like bull riding, trike races, football challenges, etc., that we have done in the past between our faculty and students in our annual PharmFest event. Although we are not at a point where we can have the PharmFest event, we wanted to do something to say THANK YOU and let you know how proud we are of each of you and how you have worked through such demanding and challenging times.

Thank you again for all that you do PHCO-we appreciate and are proud of our PHCO Community!

See PHCO Friday Ice Cream event for details.  Be Sure to Wear Your PHCO T-shirt!

ALSIES ice cream truck