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To give us something cool to think about when the heat index reaches 110 F this weekend, I thought I’d post the end of year awards and holiday party pics from last December! You remember then – nice cold weather, pretty holiday decorations, lots of good food and good company, great door prizes, a visit from Santa for the kids and entertainment provided  by The Loreleis!

Annual Pharmacology Award Winners 2018

  • Raquel Martinez Chacin – Thomas Collum Butler Award
  • Devon Blake – Scholar Award
  • Jeffrey Diberto – Scholar Award
  • Michael East – Postdoc Excellence Award
  • Stuart Endo-Streeter – Pharmacology Chair’s Award
  • Estella Lopez – Staff Excellence Award
  • Ryan Maddux – Staff Excellence Award
  • Nely Dicheva – Staff Excellence Award

Congratulations to all of you! You and your efforts are what make this department great!

Pics from the party