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Our very own Jonathan Schisler, PhD, and Leon Coleman, MD, PhD, along with the associate director of the Neuroscience Center, Ben Philpot, PhD, were awarded a five-year $675,000 grant to lead a summer undergraduate experience program.

Leon Coleman, MD PhD and Jonathan Schisler, PhD
Leon Coleman, MD PhD and Jonathan Schisler, PhD

The grant promotes neuropharmacology and neurobiological disease research to be conducted by summer students from underrepresented groups.

The Carolina Summer Fellows Program (CSFP) in the UNC Department of Pharmacology at the UNC School of Medicine has provided summer research experiences for many undergraduate students, with a high level of success in retaining these students in academic and STEM careers for the past 40 years.

“Our program has a long track record of implementing these career and professional development programs to benefit students,” said Schisler. “Further, to increase the retention of our students in neuroscience research career paths, we will offer ongoing mentoring, professional development, and preparation for graduate school applications after the summer research experience. This multipronged approach is uniquely designed to help students in our program gain the tools, experience, and support they need to increase their success in neuroscience research careers.”

~The above is excepted from the full article, with the same title, posted in Vital Signs, January 22, 2024, which you can read here.