Questions to use as a guide to help improve your understanding of kidney disease.

These questions will help you communicate with your doctor
and learn more about how to care for your kidneys!

To download a copy of these questions for yourself, click here!

About tests and results:

  • What is my GFR? What does that mean?
  • Has my GFR changed since last time?
  • What is my urine albumin level? What does that mean?
  • Has my urine albumin changed since the last time it was checked?
  • Is my kidney disease getting worse?
  • Is my blood pressure where it needs to be?
  • What should my blood pressure be?
  • Will I need dialysis or a transplant soon?


About treatment and self-care:

  • What can I do to keep my kidney disease from getting worse?
  • Do any of my medicines or doses need to be changed?
  • Does what I eat need to be changed?
  • Do my foods have the right amount of protein, salt (sodium), potassium, and phosphorous?
  • What do I need to do to protect my veins?



  • What other health problems may I face because of my kidney disease?
  • Should I be looking for any symptoms? If so, what are they?