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Department of Allied Health Sciences Awards

To be considered for the June C. Alott Leadership Development Award, you will need to submit an essay via the electronic link and upload a recommendation letter.  In the essay, please describe your past, present, and/or proposed community service.  "Community Service" is broadly understood as making helpful connections with people to improve a person's or community's quality of life, to bring comfort, or to to broaden one's perspective.     Community service may be in any arena and is not restricted to health projects.

For the Thorpe/Mitchell Diversity Leadership Award you will need to write a supplemental essay telling us about you, your history, and your professional goals after completing your degree. Students in the CLS and Rad Sci programs are eligible to apply for the Thorpe/Mitchell award this cycle. 

    Complete and electronically submit the online Allied Health Sciences Departmental Scholarship Application link below after reading all of the required information.  The applications for the 2018-19 academic year will open on April 1, 2018. and close on May 15, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.  This year only students in the CLS and Rad Sci divisions may apply for the Thorpe/Mitchell award.  

    Only students who have been officially admitted to a program in the Department of Allied Health Sciences may complete the online application.


    Scholarship Application Link (OT/CLS/RS/PA/SLP Students)

    Scholarship Application Link (CRMH Students Only)

    Scholarship Application Link (DPT Students Only)

    Please read this information before you begin to fill out the online application.

    STEP 1

    Below are some of the additional documents and information you may need to collect before beginning your application. Having these documents already collected and prepared can save you time as you will need to upload copies of some of these to the online application.

    • Complete the 2018-19 FAFSA using code 002974 if your scholarship requires it. We recommend that all students do it. You can use estimates to complete your FAFSA if you have not completed your taxes.

    • Request a recommendation letter if the scholarship you are applying for requires it.
    • Prepare your written statement ahead of time (again, for scholarships that require these).
    • Update your resume and save a copy as PDF or Word.

    Step 2

    You will provide additional information electronically via the online application. We recommending gathering as much information as possible

    • Demographic information
    • Academic program information
    • Scholarship(s) for which you wish to apply (You may apply to all three if you are eligible).
    • Outside assistance you expect to receive (examples: parents, VA benefits, private scholarships)
    • Information on dependents

    STEP 3:

    Your personal essay or supplemental statement should include the following responses to enable the Financial Aid Committee to review your qualifications for the scholarships: (1) identifying information (name, division within the Department of Allied Health Sciences, and year in the program), (2) your interests as related to the award you are applying to receive, and (3) why you feel qualified for the scholarship(s) for which you are applying.  

     STEP 4:


    Submitting your scholarship application online:                                      

    • Submit your answers using the online form available here:  Allied Health Scholarship Application
    • If you start an application but must return to it later, use the same computer that you began the online application with.  Qualtrics will "remember" your previous application and allow you to finish it, but only if you are using the same computer that you began with.
    • If you have questions or problems uploading your form, please email Perry Studevent at .   Recommendation letters may also be sent to that email address.

    Emergency Assistance

    The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid has an emergency loan program that students can apply for in unexpected emergencies.  The form is available at the link below:

    Division/program specific scholarships and awards

    The financial aid committee members are as follows:

    Laine Stewart – - CLS

    Linn Wakeford – - OS

    Judy Schmidt - - CRMH

    Lisa Johnston – - PT

    Lauren Noble – - RS

    Lisa Domby – - SLP

    Brenda Mitchell – –Student Services

    Perry Studevent - - Student Services