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Scholarship, Grant, and Award Information

School-Based Tuition

The DHS sets aside a portion of our school-based tuition receipts to provide financial aid for students based on need.

Department of Health Sciences Awards

Allcott & Division Based Application Open Application Deadline
April 15th June 1st at 5:00PM EST
Thorpe/Mitchell Application Open Application Deadline
April 25th June 8th at 5:00PM EST

The June C. Allcott Fellowship

To be considered for the June C. Allcott Leadership Development Award, you will need to submit an essay via the electronic link and upload a recommendation letter. In the essay, please describe your past, present, and/or proposed community service. Community service is broadly understood as making helpful connections with people to improve a person’s or community’s quality of life, to bring comfort, or to broaden one’s perspective. Community service may be in any arena and is not restricted to health projects. No FAFSA required.

Thorpe/Mitchell Leadership Development Award

For the Thorpe/Mitchell Leadership Award, you will need to write a supplemental essay telling us about you, your history, and your professional goals after completing your degree. For 2024-25 only students in Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science, Clinical Laboratory Science, Radiologic Science programs can apply. Only newly admitted students can apply for the Thorpe-Mitchell award. No FAFSA required.

Division-Based Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by the different divisions. For 2024-2025 the divisions awarding scholarships are Clinical Laboratory Science, Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, Physical Therapy, and Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science. To find out more information on the division/program scholarship, please contact your division directly. A FASFA must be completed using school code 002974.

How to Apply

The application for the 2024-25 academic year is available online below. You will be able to apply to division awarded scholarships and the June C. Allcott Award with the same application link. Please use the separate link to apply to the Thorpe/Mitchell Leadership Award. Link to the applications are below:

Emergency Assistance

The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid has an emergency loan program that students can apply for in unexpected emergencies.

NC Forgivable Education Loan for Service Program

The NC Forgivable Education Loan for Service Program, is a program for students who plan a career in a health related field and plan to stay in North Carolina after graduation. It provides forgivable loans for undergraduate and graduate students in impacted fields. Please review the website to find out more information and contact College Foundation of North Carolina for more details. The application period is usually open from January 5-March 1 of each year for the following academic year.

College Foundation of North Carolina (

Veteran’s Assistance

The Veterans Administration has various financial assistance programs for students and employees. Please visit the website above for more information.

Financial Aid Committee