Scholarship, Grant, and Award Information

Department of Allied Health Sciences Awards

  • The June C. Allcott Fellowship

To be considered for the June C. Allcott Leadership Development Award, you will need to submit an essay via the electronic link and upload a recommendation letter. In the essay, please describe your past, present, and/or proposed community service. Community service is broadly understood as making helpful connections with people to improve a person’s or community’s quality of life, to bring comfort, or to broaden one’s perspective. Community service may be in any arena and is not restricted to health projects.

  • Thorpe/Mitchell Diversity Leadership Development Award

For the Thorpe/Mitchell Diversity Leadership Award, you will need to write a supplemental essay telling us about you, your history, and your professional goals after completing your degree.

  • UNC Hospitals Volunteer Association’s Allied Health Sciences Fellowships
  • Division-based scholarships

How to Apply

Scholarship/grant application information

Emergency Assistance

The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid has an emergency loan program that students can apply for in unexpected emergencies.

Division/program specific scholarships and awards

  • Check with your division for scholarship and award opportunities.

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