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We have collaborated with a number of researchers across the UNC system. Investigators from a variety of departments in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, and the College or Arts and Sciences have been involved in CEMALB activities. This includes our long-time collaborations with investigators from the Marsico Lung Institute focused on a variety of topics, including COPD, military burn pit exposures, and research related to other lung diseases. A more recent partner in the CEMALB’s research efforts, particularly related to the effects of inhaled toxicants on pediatric lung diseases, is the Children’s Research Institute. In the Gillings School of Public Health, we have partnered with the Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility, the UNC Superfund Research Program, and the Institute for Environmental Health Solutions. Finally, we work regularly with the Institute for the Environment to communicate our research to the general public, lawmakers, and other community stakeholders. Collectively, these partnerships emphasize the integrated and trans-disciplinary approach to recognize environmental health effects, identify susceptible populations, develop potential solutions, and communicate this knowledge with relevant stakeholders.