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Pictured: Meghan E. Rebuli and Catalina Cobos-Uribe


Current Rebuli Lab Members:

Meghan E. Rebuli, PhD – Primary Investigator


Catalina Cobos-Uribe, MS – Graduate Student

Meagan Bridges, MS – Graduate Student

Research Interests:

Dr. Meghan E. Rebuli’s research focuses on investigating sex specific effects of air pollutants and new and emerging tobacco products on pulmonary health. Specifically, she is interested in how the interaction of sex (genetic and hormonal) and respiratory toxicants can alter respiratory health at the individual level and population level. Dr. Rebuli investigates these questions using in vivo prospective and observational clinical studies and translational cell culture models. She also regularly collaborates with epidemiologists to study effects of inhaled pollutants in larger populations. By utilizing her non-invasive nasal sampling method, biomarkers of respiratory immune health are integrated with other qualitative (e.g. surveys) and quantitative (e.g. levels of exposure) data to inform outcomes.


Connect with the Rebuli Lab:


Twitter: @meradfor



Click here to view Dr. Meghan Rebuli’s Publications