The Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology recruits research participants for a variety of projects. Many studies focus on pulmonary and cardiac health and the effects of commonly encountered inhaled agents.  We currently have studies in which we are seeking healthy control participants, otherwise healthy asthmatics, those with allergies, or healthy individuals who use e-cigarettes, Juuls or cigarettes. you are interested in learning more please fill out the below questionnaire.

Also for more details on our individual studies please use the links below to Join the Conquest and

Study Title



*TCORS 18-50 Smokers
*Snoz 18-45 Healthy Individuals with mild asthma
Endoscreen 18-50 Healthy Individuals and mild asthmatics
Smokescreen 18-45 Healthy Individuals and mild asthmatics
Gammoz 18-50 Mild Allergic Asthmatics
Nibl 18-75 Variable
Endoheart 18-50 Qualify through endoscreen
Salty 18-60 Moderate to severe asthma
General Screen 18-60 Variable
Mitescreen 18-45 Dust Mite Allergic Asthmatics
Cinnamcc 18-40 Healthy individuals and E-cig or Juul users
Promis 8-17 Uncontrolled or partially controlled asthma
Smokey T 18-25 Qualify through smokescreen