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The CFAR OCE partners and works closely with community-based organizations to establish and grow strong relationships based on equity, trust, and accountability. Through these partnerships, the OCE works to translate research findings into direct applications, to create mutual understandings of research, amplify community voices in research decision-making, and to support community-driven work around HIV/AIDS.

Community members interested in learning more about our work are encouraged to contact Alicia Diggs.

The OCE is part of the UNC CFAR Administrative Core.


  • HIV Test counseling
  • Educational Opportunities, including HIV 101, capacity building, curriculum and content adaptation, focus group facilitation, program planning)
  • CDC EBI Training Facilitation (Parents Matter, Voices/Voces, SISTA)
  • Coordination and planning for HIV/AIDS awareness events
  • Assessment of Needs, Assets, and Capacity for Health Education
  • Plan, implement, conduct evaluation and research related to health education
  • Coordinate provision of referral resources
  • Communicate and advocate for health and health education