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The UNC CFAR Social and Behavioral Science Research Core is dedicated to fostering and supporting new interdisciplinary and inter-institutional HIV-related research.

We provide services and resources to support biomedical and social science researchers interested in exploring the social, psychological, and structural factors influencing the HIV epidemic. Additionally, we provide scientific leadership, mentorship, and networking opportunities to junior faculty, international investigators, and scholars who are either new to HIV research or from traditionally underrepresented institutions.

Our services include support in planning, developing, and designing research projects; survey development and programming; and data collection and analysis. We also provide training in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Interviewing, Implementation Mapping, and various data collection techniques. For more details, please visit our Services tab.

Our resources feature open-source training materials and the Social and Behavioral Instruments (SABI) database. This user-friendly, online database allows researchers to easily find instruments and scales for measuring constructs relevant to social and behavioral HIV research. For more information, please visit our Resources tab.

The Core hosts bi-annual networking events in the Spring and Fall and maintains a comprehensive directory of social and behavioral researchers at UNC, FHI 360, and RTI International. These networking events are designed to strengthen connections and encourage new collaborations among researchers, students, and community partners focused on HIV research.

The Social and Behavorial Science core supports the UNC CFAR Office of Bioethics.


Research Proposal Assistance

  • Grant proposal review and development, including guidance on study design
  • Development of analysis plans
  • Preliminary data analysis
  • Letters of support


  • Motivational Interviewing training. For more information about MI and the services we offer, check out our MI Menu.
  • Quantitative data collection training
  • Qualitative data collection training

Keep up with the latest insights by following our monthly motivational interviewing blogs at UNC Motivational Interviewing.

Intervention Development and Process Evaluation

  • Theoretical model for intervention development
  • Intervention protocol development
  • Intervention content and materials development
  • Process Evaluation Development

Qualitative Research Services

  • Qualitative study design and sample size consultation
  • Qualitative guide development support
  • Qualitative Data Collection (interviews, cognitive interviewing, or focus groups)
  • Qualitative Interview Audio Transcription
  • Data Analysis (Coding only)
  • Data Analysis and Synthesis
  • Abstract Preparation

For more details on our qualitative research services, please refer to our comprehensive menu.

Quantitative Research

  • Questionnaire/survey design and development
  • Scale development consultation.
  • Electronic survey programming
  • Quantitative data collection support
  • Use the Social and Behavioral Instrument (SABI) database.


Implementation Science

For a detailed overview of our Implementation Science and Consultation Services, please click here. Our services include:

  • Consultation to discuss potential options and recommendations for study design and/or sample size
  • Reviews, edits, and feedback on implementation science grants (hybrid I, II, III).
  • Reviews, edits, and feedback on implementation science specific aims page.
  • Guidance on appropriate selection and measurement of implementation science outcomes
  • Guidance on mixed methods approaches in implementation science.
  • Assistance with selection & application of theoretical frameworks including CFIR, EPIS, RE-AIM
  • Implementation Mapping (IM) Workshop


Manuscript Preparation

  • Reviews, edits, and feedback on manuscript drafts
  • Assistance selecting target academic journals.
  • Assistance with manuscript formatting
  • Guidance for submission to academic journals
  • Manuscript writing

Mentoring and Networking

  • Connection to collaborator(s)
  • Mentorship

Content Area Expert Consultation/Services

  • Criminal justice related.
    • access to large administrative databases for research questions related to CJ and HIV,
    • recruitment and retention of incarcerated populations
    • other
  • Ethics and/or Regulatory
  • Motivational Interviewing.
  • Implementation Science

**Please note: Most of these services do not carry a charge for an initial 1-hour consultation. Subsequent fees are determined from the estimated scope of work.


To contact the Core, reach out to
Eunice Akinyi Okumu
Manager, Social & Behavioral Science Core

Office: 9198432532
Fax: 9199662921