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Active Developmental Awardees

Lina Rosengren-Hovee and Suzanne Day (MPIs)

Piloting a crowdsourcing approach for developing physician advancement DEI competency metrics to improve HIV services

Matt Painschab

Causes of lymphadenopathy in a district HIV clinic: a pilot study

Nivedeta Bhushan

Adapting and Validating a Brief Depression Screening Tool for Adolescents Living with HIV in Malawi

Emily Ciccone

HIV-Associated Viral Acute Respiratory Tract Illness (HAVARTI): The burden and severity of vaccine-preventable respiratory infection in people living with HIV in rural Uganda

Shuntai Zhou

Sequencing-based HIV-1 recency assay for non-B subtypes

Subha Sellers

Lung Cancer Screening Uptake and Barriers to Screening in PWH

Katherine MacDonald

Adolescent and young adult HIV disclosure to partners and its impact on HIV prevention in Western Kenya

Stephanie DeLong

Preventing HIV acquisition among adolescent girls: what role do adverse childhood experiences and mental health play?

Active CFAR Supplemental PIs

Allysha Maragh-Bass

Formative research on a sex-positive tool for PrEP Counseling with Sexual/Gender Minority Youth of Color in NC and CA

Lauren Hill

Long-acting PrEP shared decision making for pregnant and breastfeeding women: A feasibility pilot study

Shuntai Zhou

Adding HIV Recency Testing to Public Health Surveillance

Ucheoma Nwaozuru, Meagan Zarwell, & Joeseph Tucker

Community-engaged Approaches to Expand HIV Self-Testing (CATEST)