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Basic clinical pharmacology training can be found below. For additional training inquiries, please contact Lauren Tompkins.

Pharmacology Training Table of Contents
Training CategoryModule TitleDurationVideo Link
OverviewWhat is Pharmacokinectics12:20
OverviewART in older patients11:02
OverviewThe Pharmacology of PrEP11:51
AbsorptionPrinciples of Absorption14:20
DispositionPrinciples of Disposition12:22
Metabolism and ExcretionPrinciples of Drug Metabolism and Excretion12:57
Class Specific PharmacologyDisposition of NNRTIs15:26
Class Specific PharmacologyDisposition of NRTIs16:54
Class Specific PharmacologyDisposition of PIs and boosting14:43
Population PK and ModelingInter and Intra-variability in PK11:02
Population PK and ModelingPopulation Pharmacokinectics14:01
Population PK and ModelingPBPK Modeling10:11
Drug InteractionsThe Basics of Drug Drug Interactions12:28
Drug InteractionsAbsorption Interactions11:56
Drug InteractionsRenal Interactions9:20
Drug InteractionsRenal and Hepatic Interactions7:51
Drug InteractionsMetabolic Interactions11:04
Drug InteractionsDrug Interactions in an Aging HIV Population11:01