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Center personnel do not work with proposals with no indirect funds associated with them unless a mechanism to cover the cost of our involvement is negotiated in advance with your division director, department chair or school dean. If we work with you on a proposal and the proposal is submitted through the Center, we expect to be the grant administrator.

When you work with CWHR we will cover the cost of hiring a facilitator to launch the post-award planning and team building service. CWHR will recuperate the expense of pre-award services from the grant’s indirects if it is funded.

Unique to OB/GYN

CWHR has an agreement in place with the Department of OBGYN to complete all pre-award services without indirect recuperation.

University Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs Policy

If you’re unfamiliar with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s F&A Policy, or would simply like a refresher, you may view it here.