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UNC procedure gives veteran hearing back

January 3, 2012

Meg T. Dillon, AuD CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — It’s an amazing era for many people who suffer from hearing loss. Thanks to ever-improving technology and the use of cochlear implants, devices surgically implanted into the inner ear, people once consigned to reading lips and learning sign language have been given a new lease on life. … Read more

Wilmington newborn is world’s youngest to get robotic surgery

January 3, 2012

Drs. Adam Zanation and Carlton Zdanski A newborn Wilmington boy has become the youngest and smallest patient in the world to undergo robotic surgery. When Raiden Jewett was born on Nov. 13, his first breaths of life sounded odd. “They thought he was just congested, because he was making this weird noise,” his mother, Brandie … Read more

Dr. Shores trains future surgeons in Malawi: The Malawi Surgical Initiative

October 10, 2011

Carol G. Shores, MD, PhD Carol Shores, MD, PhD, FACS, has been interested in the link between viruses and cancer for over 20 years, after working on virus- associated cancers as a pre-doctoral fellow in the UNC Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Oropharyngeal cancers, like cervical cancer, are associated with human papilloma viruses and endemic … Read more

Five-Year Review of Harold Pillsbury, MD, Chair, Department of Otolaryngology

August 4, 2011

An ad hoc committee has been appointed to undertake a routine administrative review of the leadership provided by Dr. Rick Pillsbury in his position as Chair of the Department of Otolaryngology. Harold C. Pillsbury III, MD The five-year review is a standard procedure of the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at … Read more

ENT Today: Words of Wisdom

July 11, 2011

Harold C. Pillsbury III, MD FROM ENT TODAY, JUNE 2011 CHICAGO — Harold Pillsbury, MD, chair of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, is known as one of the more colorful figures in his field, with a bright smile—usually accompanied by a bow tie—and a … Read more

The Herald Sun: UNC cancer docs prevail

July 11, 2011

Mark C. Weissler, MD “In an ENT practice parotid tumors are not terribly rare, and about 80 percent of them are benign,” said Mark C. Weissler, distinguished professor of otolaryngology/head and neck surgery at the UNC School of Medicine. He diagnosed Jean Rogers’ tumor as malignant, removed it and dead nerve, and conducted a nerve … Read more

“A Feast for the Senses” Women’s Voices Chorus summer concert to benefit deaf children

June 21, 2011

Concert information: Allan Friedman, 919-684-3855, Media contact: Janet Buehler (919) 624-3500, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “A Feast for the Senses” Women’s Voices Chorus summer concert to benefit deaf children (Chapel Hill, NC) – Women’s Voices Chorus (WVC) will perform a summer concert entitled “A Feast for the Senses, Sunday, July 17 at 4 pm … Read more

Alpha Omega Alpha Inducts Incoming ENT Chief Resident

April 8, 2011

From left: Amelia Drake, Rose Eapen, Georgette Dent, Ashmita Chatterjee, Sharon Windsor Medical honors fraternity, Alpha Omega Alpha, inducted a new ENT Chief Resident. You can read the story here.

Deepak Raj Dugar featured on UNC Hospitals Promo Video

February 10, 2011

Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar, a first-year resident at UNC Hospitals in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, is also a Bhangra dancer. Don’t know what Bhangra dancing is? Think Indian hip-hop with very traditional roots.

Save the Date for the Newton D Fischer Society Meeting

January 27, 2011

Myles Pensak, MD The annual Newton D. Fischer Society Meeting will take place on Saturday, June 4th, 2011. Myles Pensak, MD from the University of Cincinnati Physicians will present the Keynote lecture. There will be a Chief Residents Banquet at 6:30pm in the Magnolia Room at Rizzo Conference Center, and all are strongly encouraged to … Read more