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PGY5, Class of 2024

Pronouns: He/him/his
Hometown: Bruceton, TN
Undergraduate Degree: Union University
MD: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hobbies: Peloton, rock climbing, running, reading WWI/WWII historical non-fiction and raising 3 animals: Albus (my Newfie), Pax (7yo) and Irene (4yo)

Why Otolaryngology?

My first exposure to ENT was when I was 14. I had a pretty severe fungal sinus infection (now I know it was AFS!) and my sinus surgery changed how I felt and performed in school and on the field during high school sports. Seeing the breadth of ENT surgery—from huge cancer resections/reconstruction to sinus surgery similar to my own experience—firsthand during medical school solidified my career choice.

Why UNC?

I knew UNC was the right place for me when I stepped foot on campus during my medical school interview. The amazing people, the beautiful campus and definitely the caliber of physicians that come from UNC. The same bar is held for residency training here. The Department develops excellent surgeons. Period. Through a combination of research scholarship, surgical leaders in our field providing us mentorship and the same mentors having a real dedication to balancing patient service with our surgical education, I knew this was the place for me to grow as a surgeon.

Recent Publications:

For recent publications, please visit Dr. Stepp’s PubMed listing.