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LiRA—a technology company founded by resident Andrew Prince, MD—won the first place prize in the Covintus Tech Tank pitch competition, securing $25,000 for the startup. LiRA originated from the experience that CEO Andrew Prince, MD had while working with voiceless patients.

LiRA gives patients their voice back through tracking that reads their lip movements. By developing easy-to-use lip-reading communication, the company is working to alleviate the handicaps in voiceless individuals impacted by voice disorders, laryngectomee, tracheostomy and more. By restoring communication between aphonic or voiceless patients and their providers and caregivers, LiRA is helping to raise the standard of medical care.

To participate in their research, you can volunteer to take part in a study that will help develop their lip-reading tool. All you have to do is sign up, and record a “selfie” style video of yourself reading provided sentences, which you will then electronically upload. It only takes 3-5 minutes, and Prince and his team hope to have 15,000 people take part in this research study.

Congrats, LiRA and Andrew!

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