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The purpose of World Voice Day is to educate people about the importance of the voice for each and every one of us as a tool for communication. Have you ever lost your voice before? It can be a very frustrating problem when it impacts your ability to perform your everyday activities!

We use our voices to express emotion, to relay wants and needs, and to work. Think about all of the powerful voices you might be familiar with: from our President, Barack Obama’s voice during an inaugural address to Justin Bieber’s voice in concert to a love one’s voice communicating something very meaningful.

Our voices help to shape who we are, through their own characteristics and through the words they help to shape. UNC Hospitals Hearing and Voice Center is dedicated to helping you to optimize your voice, whether it is identifying the problem, helping to treat it, or to put you in touch with other people that have similar voice problems for support. Chances are there is someone like you around the world that is experiencing the same emotion with regard to their own voice. Join the UNC Voice Center in recognizing the importance of vocal health. For more information about the UNC Voice Center, call (919) 490-3716.