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NIH research grant and mentored career development award applications must address rigor and transparency requirements outlined in the application instructions. Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) must emphasize rigorous approaches to ensure robust and unbiased results. The template below will help cores provide the necessary information to investigators on the best practices to assure rigor and transparency in research performed in core facilities.  The first section provides general guidelines and the second section provides core-specific guidelines.

Rigor means following procedures that will increase the likelihood of obtaining an accurate representation of the phenomenon under study.

Reproducibility means recording and communicating those procedures such that they can be replicated accurately.

HTSF Rigor and Reproducibility Document found on Forms and Guide tab, Grants section. You may use this as a template for wording in your grants and publications to address Rigor and Reproducibility for your sequencing experiment run at the High Throughput Sequencing Facility.