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Genomics Cores
The High Throughput Sequencing Facility collaborates with a number of cores on campus. We can assist sample and / or data movement between cores. These cores can provide services beyond the scope of the HTSF. The HTSF is part of the multiple cores under the Integrated Genomics Core.

Other Integrated Genomics Cores

Integrated Genomics Core: Mammalian Genotyping Core

Mammalian Genotyping Core offers Illumina genotyping and methylation arrays that produce cost efficient and diverse genomic and epigenetic information for many species down to the single nucleotide.  Genotyping and methylation arrays allow for researchers to look at complex disease genomics, cancer research, agrigenomics, immunology, and other areas.
Contact Amanda Gerringer, Core Director

Integrated Genomics Core: Functional Genomics Microarray Core

Functional Genomics Core performs expression profiling and SNP genotyping (Affymetrix) services. High-volume low-cost SNP-typing, chromosome aberrations, HLA, mouse diversity, model organisms.
Contact Mike Vernon, Core Director

HTSF- UNC Collaborating Cores

Bioinformatics Analytics and Research Collaborative (BARC)

BARC now includes personnel who provide critical bioinformatics support for UNC-HTSF. We manage all data produced by UNC-HTSF starting with initial quality control through the final distribution. BARC personnel are available for advance consultation for researchers looking to get their samples sequenced at UNC-HTSF. BARC can also provide assistance with downstream data analysis after the sequencing is complete. Data analysis support is provided via a “fee for service” model for smaller projects. For large projects (both in terms of number of samples and duration) we can provide embedded and/or dedicated analysis and data management assistance.
Contact Dr. Corbin Jones, Director

BioSpecimen Processing Facility (BSP)

The major objective of the UNC BSP is to support and enhance translational, clinical, population, and basic science research at UNC and beyond by providing the research community with a centralized, quality controlled and quality assured facility for the processing, DNA/ RNA extraction, storage and disbursement of human biospecimens. We are a CAP-certified repository and all operations are administered in accordance with our Manual of Operation (MOP) and QA/QC policy documents.
Contact Dr. Patricia Basta, Core Director

Advanced Analytics Core (AACORE)

The CGIBD’s Advanced Analytics (AA) Core provides high-quality, quantitative solutions for studying proteins and nucleic acids at the bulk or single-cell level. Whether measuring gene expression or cytokines, the AA core’s favorable pricing and unique cost-sharing model allow investigators access to a wide variety of assays and an extensive probe library for a fraction of their list price.
Contact Carlton Anderson, Associate Director

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Translational Genomics Lab (TGL)

TGL is a medium-throughput shared resources facility established in 2011 to provide comprehensive genomic services for investigators. TGL’s mission is to support translational human cancer genomics research at UNC by providing a resource that balances rigor and flexibility to meet the needs of academic and clinical research that can ultimately produce optimized and validated processes for adoption in clinical labs.
Adam D. Pfefferle, PhD, Facility Director

HTSF- NCSU Collaborating Core

NCSU’s Genomic Sciences Laboratory (GSL)

Established in 2000, the mission of the Genomic Sciences Laboratory (GSL) is to enable discovery in the biological sciences by providing researchers and students with the necessary cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure required to conduct advanced genomics research, high-throughput DNA sequencing, traditional Sanger sequencing and genotyping, and additional equipment services for functional genomic assays and mapping.
Contact Dr. David (Andy) Baltzegar, GSL Director