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The “Athletes and Blood Clots Program” at the University of North Carolina has three objectives:

  1. To offer state-of-the art multi-specialty medical care (Hematology [Dr. Stephan Moll] plus Sports Medicine [Dr. Josh Berkowitz]) to high level active athletes with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE);
  2. To provide education and information to athletes, physicians, the general public and the media about DVT and PE in athletes;
  3. To perform and support clinical and basic research that addresses open questions about cause, prevention and best management of DVT and PE in athletes.

No such specialty program currently exists in the U.S.

Clinic Scheduler

For clinic appointment inquiries, contact hematology clinic scheduler Erin Pfeuffer or Dr. Stephan Moll.

The Medical Team


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