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The “Livedoid Vasculopathy Program” at the University of North Carolina has three objectives:

  1. To offer state-of-the art multi-specialty medical care (Hematology: Dr. Stephan Moll and Dr. Harish Eswaran)  plus Dermatology (Dr. Priyanka Vedak) plus Vasccular Surgery and Wound Clinic (Dr. William Marston) with support by Dermatopathology (Dr. Paull Googe) to patients with Livedoid Vasculopathy.
  2. To provide information and education about Livedoid Vasculopathy to patients, physicians and other health care professionals.
  3. To perform and support basic and clinical and research that addresses open questions about cause, prevention and best treatment of Livedoid Vasculopathy.

No such specialty program currently exists in the U.S.

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