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Casey Olm-Shipman, MD


Improve team performance and patient outcomes via a team-driven Daily Goals Tool in the Neurosciences ICU at UNC.

2016 IHQI Symposium Presentation

(Daily Goals in the Intensive Care Unit Segment: 1:10–1:39 minutes of Improvement Scholars Symposium 2016 2nd Half)

Project Accomplishments

  • Greater than 90% utilization rate of the Daily Goals Tool in the NSICU at UNC, with significant reductions in hospital-acquired infections
  • Building of a Daily Goals Tool website and toolkit for implementation and dissemination
  • Conducting qualitative study investigating facilitators and barriers to the successful implementation of Daily Goals Tools
  • Communication of Daily Goals to patients and families


  • Posters presented at the Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement (December 2016) and Neurocritical Care Society (Sept 2016)
  • Poster presentation awarded “Judges Top Pick” at UNC Quality Expo (Oct 2016)


  • Paper submitted for publication (June 2017)