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Sarah Smithson, MD, MPH


To improve symptoms of clinical depression in at least 50% of clinically depressed adult primary care patients at Knightdale Family Medicine by June 30, 2016.

2016 IHQI Symposium Presentation Slides

(Depression Treatment in Primary Care Segment: 1:48-2:11 minutes of Improvement Scholars Symposium 2016 Part I)

Project Accomplishments

  • Informed interventions of UNC PQI Depression Workgroups, collaboration between primary care and psychiatry to improve depression management at UNC
  • Standard work incorporated into PQI Depression Management Toolkit
  • UPLIPHT care delivery model spread to additional UNCPN practices
  • Emphasis on expanding systems-level tools to support Depression Remission


  • UNCH Nursing Quality & Research Conference (April 2017)


  • Measurement elements published in Medical Clinics of North America (2017)