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Thomas Ivester, MD, MPH


To reduce incidence of peripartum hemorrhage and associated maternal morbidities and to decrease use of blood products.

2016 IHQI Symposium Presentation

(Peripartum Hemmorhage Reduction Segment: 3:00–32:00 minutes of Improvement Scholars Symposium 2nd Half)

Project Accomplishments

  • Big wins: hemorrhage cart in Labor & Delivery, medication hemorrhage kits in the medication stations, formulation of an interdisciplinary simulation committee for Women’s Hospital and hemorrhage risk added to rounding in L&D.
  • Past project being leveraged to develop perinatal safety program for UNC Health Care System, which includes proposal to AHRQ for $5 million grant support.
  • New simulation program established, which is expanding to include other clinical scenarios.
  • Spurred the training of over 200 people in TeamSTEPPS.
  • Joined forces with PQCNC (Perinatal Quality Collaborative of NC) and formed a multi-disciplinary committee in order to align with the national “Safe Healthcare for Every Woman” initiative.
  • Developed a system for quantitative blood loss for every patient in order to support early identification and intervention of post-partum hemorrhage.
  • Women’s SharePoint site developed that will include a “post-partum hemorrhage toolkit.” This is a centralized location for all of our algorithms and policies, as well as a wet/dry weight calculator to better assist in the early detection/intervention in the event of a hemorrhage.
  • Forming a UNC system-wide team to create a code style narrator in Epic in order to improve the quality of both charting a hemorrhage and data collection.