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Telemedicine for Patients with Chronic Illness

Project Leads: Sara Abu-Nasser, DO and Elisabeth Dellon, MD MPH

Project Manager: Arianna Keil, MD

Faculty Coach: Jennifer Elston Lafata, PhD, MHSA

Suicide Risk Screening and Assessment of Hospitalized Patients

Project Leads: Kate Dickson, MD, MPH and Donald Rosenstein, MD

Project Manager: Matt Huemmer, MBA, MHA, CLSSGB, CLSSBB

Faculty Coach: Shana Ratner, MD, FACP

Mitigating Inpatient Clinical Deterioration

Project Lead: Jaydeep Lamba, MD and Hillary Spangler, MD

Project Manager: Kelly Reilly, MEd

Faculty Coach: Shana Ratner, MD, FACP

Care for Geriatric Patients with Hip Fracture

Project Lead: Monika Nanda, MBBS, MPH and Katie Davenport, MD

Project Manager: Arianna Keil, MD

Faculty Coach: Carlton Moore, MD, MS

Individualization and Implementation of Checklists for Perinatal Emergencies

Project Lead: Johanna Quist-Nelson, MD

Project Manager: Kelly Reilly, MEd

Faculty Coach: Lavinia Kolarczyk, MD, FASA

Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care

Project Lead: Claire West, MD

Project Manager: Matt Huemmer, MBA, MHA, CLSSGB, CLSSBB

Faculty Coach: Jennifer Elston Lafata, PhD, MHSA