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Participation Requirements

Complete the following:

☐  The participant is actively involved in the project for at least 6 months.

☐  The participant met with others involved in the improvement activities and was actively involved in the implementation of strategies and interventions.

☐  The participant reviewed (at the closest level available) performance data (individual performance data, departmental data, or other data sets related to project performance) at least 3 times to assess the impact of the intervention, making appropriate corrections to the improvement effort.

☐  The participant helped develop and/or implement changes to the activities.


☐ Provide feedback and reflection about the project via a survey at the end of the project, including the following questions:

  • What change did you personally make in your practice?
  • How did this change impact patient care in your practice?
  • What did you learn as part of participating in this QI effort?
  • Explain how you plan to sustain the changes you made to your practice because of this QI effort.