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Please click here for more information about E-Consults, including how to place the order and the general workflow.

E-consults (electronic consults) are available to any UNC Health physician or advanced practice provider. At present, E-consults are not available to providers outside the UNC Health System.

E-consults are for focused clinical questions that an endocrinologist can answer using solely the information available in EPIC, without seeing the patient. E-consults are not for logistical questions or for questions that can be easily answered by consulting UpToDate or clinical guidelines.

Because specialists have two business days to respond, E-consults are not for emergencies. Additionally, E-consults should not be used to ask follow up questions for patients who have been previously seen by providers in our practice.

Some common questions that Endocrinology has received and successfully addressed through E-consults are:

  • What, if any, further work up is recommended for [mildly low TSH, mildly high TSH, or other mildly abnormal endocrine lab test] in my patient without clear clinical symptoms?
  • Is this [medication for diabetes or osteoporosis] appropriate for my patient, given their [renal disease, complications, or other comorbidities]?
  • When should I repeat ultrasound for this patient with [recent negative thyroid nodule biopsy, small nodule(s) that do not meet criteria for biopsy, or other thyroid ultrasound abnormality]?
  • Does this patient with a thyroid nodule require a biopsy, or is clinical/ultrasound follow up appropriate?
  • What lab tests and follow up should I order in the initial evaluation of my patient’s incidentally detected [adrenal nodule, pituitary lesion]?