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We are a specialty practice and all patients seen in our clinic require a referral from a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. We ask that the referring provider send relevant medical records and any lab or test results necessary for the appointment. This helps ensure that all patients who see us will benefit from the visit.We also recommend that all patients have a primary care provider. Please click here for help finding a primary care provider within the UNC Health system.

Referring providers: Thank you for your referral and your trust in us!

  • Please be as specific as possible when selecting the reason for referral
  • Please consider entering a short line in the “comment section” to make sure we address the main reason for referral[Ex. if the reason for referral is diabetes, the comment section might state “help starting patient on SGLT2 inhibitor” or “uncontrolled despite metformin and insulin” or “needs A1c < 8% before hip replacement”]

Use EPIC to refer a patient

If you are a provider within UNC Health, please place the referral through EPIC. Choose “Ambulatory Referral to Endocrinology” and select “UNC Endocrinology at Eastowne”.

Use EPIC CareLink to refer a patient

If you are a non-UNC physician or mid-level provider, you can use the UNC CareLink portal to directly place referrals, and access information about your patients (including scheduled appointments, clinical notes, and more).

Find more information on UNC Health Care, and enroll for UNC CareLink here.

Use a Faxed Referral to refer a patient

If you are a non-UNC physician or mid-level provider and are not using the UNC CareLink portal, please fax a completed clinic referral form along with relevant medical records (clinic notes and relevant lab and radiology results) to 984-974-2924. Our scheduling team will transcribe the referral into the UNC medical record and contact you if additional information is needed.

After a referral has been placed

Upon receipt of the referral, whether placed through EPIC, EPIC CareLink, or fax, our scheduling team will review the request and identify the appropriate provider(s). If needed, the scheduling team will consult with our medical director or a clinic endocrinologist. On occasion, additional information may be requested.

Next, our scheduling team will contact the patient to set up the appointment. Finally, we will notify the patient directly about their appointment. Should you need to check if an appointment has been made, please call 984-974-2950.