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Telemedicine-Delivered Weight Loss
older woman having a telemedicine appointmentAccess to conventional weight loss programs can be difficult in rural areas. However, certain technologies show  promise. Read More
Smart and Connected Health

amazon echo dotThis project aims to develop a low-cost, passive, and practical home-based assessment method using Voice Assistant Systems (VAS). Read More

Nutrition for Precision Health
precision nutrition Nutrition for precision health holds tremendous promise, but the field is in its infancy, and much is to be learned. Read More
BandPass – a Remote Monitoring Device
Women in chairs using stretching bands.As older adults’ use of technology grows, remote monitoring systems can help enhance exercise regimen engagement. Read More
Dynamic Imaging
old person walking with a cane on a boardwalkOlder adults walk slower and spend more energy. This can reduce independence as well as quality of life.
Read More
Sarcopenia & Obesity
SARCOPENIASarcopenia (loss of muscle mass and function) is common in older adults predisposing them to frailty and poor outcomes. Read More
Add Health
dementia risk factorsAdd Health respondents are entering middle age, a critical time for many health conditions and disparities. Read More