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Project: Using Multi-Modal Methods to Advance Translational Geroscience in Patients with Sarcopenia

Grant Number: National Center for Advancing Translational Science NC TraCS ACTP1R1001

Sarcopenia, defined as the loss of muscle mass and function, is prevalent in older adults, predisposing patients to frailty and poor outcomes. While there is evidence suggesting that developing sarcopenia and frailty can be slowed or reversed, adopting broad-based screening or interventions is slow. Factors contributing to this slow translation include the lack of cost-effective, timely bedside diagnostics and a lack in the understanding of underlying biology processes. The use of point-of-care ultrasound to assess lean muscle mass partly overcomes these barriers reliably and efficiently.

This T1-T4 translation team will lay a foundation to identify mechanisms key to understanding the effectiveness of evidence-based interventions to mitigate the consequences of sarcopenia by validating and incorporating point-of-care ultrasound within the context of clinical care. Successful conduct of the proposed research will formally integrate and strategically leverage interdisciplinary and institutional resources to advance precision medicine to improve physical and cognitive function in older adults.

Key Collaborators

Jason Franz, Daniel Nissman, Susan Sumner, David Lynch