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Project: STTR: BandPass: A Remote Monitoring System for Sarcopenia and Functional Decline

Grant Number: National Institute on Aging R41-AG071290

Sarcopenia represents a significant and growing clinical challenge for older adults, placing persons at increased risk for functional decline, institutionalization, or death. Resistance-based exercises promote muscle regeneration and strength and are an advised therapy for such patients. Yet, a clinician’s ability to quantitatively assess at-home compliance remains challenging. As older adults’ use of technology grows, using remote monitoring systems that measure, track, analyze, and provide patient-oriented feedback may overcome these limitations and enhance exercise regimen engagement.

This study aims to conduct a usability study that evaluates the acceptability and usability for an at-home remote-sensing, bluetooth-enabled resistance exercise band, the BandPass. The BandPass device will monitor and transmit exercise data to the user and clinician to aid in compliance. If successful, routine integration of systems into therapeutic programs can partially substitute in-person oversight, not only to lower costs, but to overcome transportation and geographic care barriers to access services.

Key Collaborators

Ryan Halter, Suehayla Mohielden, Curtis L. Petersen, Colin Minor

Key Papers

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