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Project: Smart and Connected Health: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research: Exploiting Voice Interactive System for Early Detection of Cognitive Decline

Grant Number: National Institute on Aging R01AG067416

Early detection of the cognitive decline involved in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) in older adults living alone is essential for developing, planning, and initiating interventions and support systems to improve patients’ everyday function and quality of life. Conventional, clinic-based methods for early diagnosis are expensive, time-consuming, and impractical for large-scale screening.

This project aims to develop a low-cost, passive, and practical home-based assessment method using Voice Assistant Systems (VAS) for early detection of cognitive decline, including a set of novel data mining techniques for sparse time-series speech. If successful, the proposed system may be widely disseminated for the early diagnosis of cognitive impairment to complement existing diagnostic modalities that could ultimately enable long-term patient and caregiver planning to maintain individual’s independence at home.

Key Collaborators

Xiaohui Liang (PI), David Kotz, Brian MacWhinney, Robert M. Roth

Key Papers

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