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Project: Nutrition for Precision powered by the All of Us Study

Grant Number: National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases UG1 H107692

Current USDA Dietary Guidelines are based on evidence representative of the US population and offer recommendations for dietary patterns by life stage, yet they explicitly emphasize that population-level approaches must be adapted to meet individuals’ specific needs. The need for more precise nutrition advice is widely recognized, yet specific differences in genetic, epigenetic, microbiome, and phenotypic drivers of individual variability to diet are not well known. Nutrition for precision health holds tremendous promise, but the field is in its infancy, and much is to be learned. This project will enable major progress in the field of precision nutrition by addressing the critical need to understand variability in physiologic responses to diet, anchored by the theme of inflammation as a driver of many chronic disease processes.

Key Collaborators

Elizabeth Mayer-Davis (PI), Deborah Tate (Co-PI), Kyle Burger, Ian Carroll, Jon Gant, Anna Kahkoska, Thomas Keyserling, Martin Kohlmeier, Beth MacIntosh, Donald McClain, Erezi Ogbo, Raz Shaikh, Anissa Vines, Saroja Voruganti